Goals of the Pastors of Oakland

  1. Continue to develop our First Responders with Pastor Donald Scurry and team.                                                
  2. We will utilize the resources within our membership and strategic partners as well as bring in other experts on various issues to educate and prepare us for discussion and strategizing.                                      
  3. Attempt to connect with as many groups that are doing the same thing so that we can avoid reinventing the wheel and duplicating our efforts, so we are effectively forming more partnerships including ministerial groups from other cites.                                 
  4. We want to make our membership much more diversified including more of the hill pastors, Hispanics, Asians, and women pastors and pastors from other cities who have a heart for Oakland.            
  5. We would like to consider making each of our executive committee members as representatives  for geographical regions of the city in order to have a better means of communication and also work to strengthen and build the membership.                                                                               
  6. We want to develop a directory of all services and ministries represented  within the Pastors of Oakland so that we can refer service to our congregants and other that inquire.                                                            
  7. To increase staff to implement the vision.                              
  8. Incorporate more worship and prayer for one another including visiting one another's churches to strengthen and hold up one another and to help each other's ministry prosper.                                                                                  
  9. Work to develop strong relational ties and friendships among the membership including spouses from time to time.                                                                             
  10. Maintain an ongoing dialogue with our city officials and city agencies and strengthening our city liaison connection.                                                          
  11. Rally our congregations for marches,  prayer vigils and united action as indicated by our First Responders.                                                                
  12. In the event that a pastor cannot attend a meeting, we request he send a representative from the pastoral staff of his church or a pastoral assistant in order to maintain continuity. 

mission statement & Goals 

To Help Pastors Reach Peak Potential and Focus On The Top Civic Issues Of The City At The Time.