First Vice President

Dr. Russell Duley

Kaleo Christian Fellowship

Advisory Board

Chair and Past President

Dr. David Kiteley

Bishop Frank Pinkard

Bishop Ernestine Reems

Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr.

President Emeritus


Dr. D.J. Williams 

Second Vice President, Treasurer 

Bishop Michael Johnson

Mingleton Temple, Calvary Temple

Civic Advisor

Bishop Bob Jackson

Founder and President Emeritus


Dr. Gerald Agee

Friendship Christian Center

The Pastors of Oakland seek to unite pastors in Oakland and the greater Bay Area that have a burden to influence their communities, local governments, school districts, and businesses. Psalm 133 tells us there is a commanded blessing upon the believers that dwell in unity. We invite you to join the Pastors of Oakland in seeking the peace of our cities. 

Board Member

Pastor Donald Scurry

Jousha Christian Church

"And seek the peace of the city..." Jeremiah 29:7


Pastor Phyllis Scott

Tree of Life Fellowship


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